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Quad-Sparing Knee


The quadriceps-sparing, minimally invasive total knee replacement reduces post-operative discomfort by sparing the quadriceps muscle and tendon that are traditionally cut through during a normal total knee replacement surgery. During the quad-sparing procedure, Dr. Murphy makes a small incision and moves the quadricep muscle and surrounding soft tissue rather than cutting through it. Dr. Murphy is assisted by a computer the procedure can be performed without inserting a guide rod into the femur bone. The computer gives Dr. Murphy constant feedback during the procedure to provide the best possible knee alignment for the patient. Benefits of a Quadriceps-Sparing Total Knee Replacement Less trauma to muscles and tendons Smaller, less noticeable incision No guide rod is needed through the femur bone Less damage to tissue Shorter rehabilitation Less blood loss Shorter hospital stay Faster return of basic knee functions Generally good mobility within 24 hours after operation
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Case Study:  Following is a review from a 69-year old patient comparing his traditional knee replacement surgery in 2004 with the quad-sparing total knee replacement he had in 2013. “Dr. Murphy asked if I would post a review comparing recovery, etc. between the total left knee replacement that he performed in 2/3/04 and the right knee he performed on 5/22/13.  Really no comparison, the right knee which involved a less invasive procedure through the quadriceps was considerably easier. Still no picnic, but easier, especially considering that I am 69 now; that is remarkable. I had considerably more movement after I got out of the hospital. I took limited pain meds in the hospital , and only occasionally after I got home, if I had some difficulty sleeping (haven't had any for about a month)...Also for the 2005 procedure I had a spinal morphine drip for a while, but none for the procedure this year. Rehab has gone well, and I am really back to full function, as of the date of this review. Dr, Murphy has been my Orthopaedic Surgeon since 1998 (scoped my left knee). Other than the knees, he did my rotator cuff in my right shoulder in 2011. Also a knee scope on my wife Elizabeth Haile and also repaired a fractured ankle she had. All of his work has been just excellent! Thank you Dr. Murphy for many procedures that were well done! I also enjoy your personality!” Donald P. Martin, August 18, 2013
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